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Madison’s perfect bubble butt gets totally destroyed by a huge cock

Madison takes it up her perfect virgin asshole, and only asshole sex here. The best penetration for me is the last position before the shoot: Madison is on the floor, ass in the breeze, head anchored to the floor and … Continue reading

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Madison Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing Single, Ass to Mouth

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Actions: Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Single, Ass to Mouth
Run Time: 30:27

I first saw Madison when she was with Alien on a Spermswap movie. The image I have is of her being a plump version of her counterpart in that movie. Simply put, I didn’t think much of her then, so I didn’t really take the time to watch the swap. Alien not really being from my planet, if you know what I mean…

But this movie of Madison 1:1 with Mr. Ordinary with a big dick is a classic! Madison’s outfit, her hair, her bare shaven mound with a petite little vagina (that doesn’t even go slightly pink throughout the 30+ ass-ault), and screechy moans are a given, the trademarks of a wonderfully talented sex actress. The the black thigh-highs, heels, bustee & the long strands dangling from them during the entire ordeal are just tidbits of detail you come to expect from this most excellent of porn houses.

Speaking of houses… the interior of the set is taking into consideration making this another leap from your normal routine sequence. The movie begins with a ceiling shot of a glass opening from the upper floor. Madison appears in her outfit I mentioned, complete with matching gloves. She does her perfect gonzo dance up there, looking down on the camera. Soon, but not soon enough as her tease is enough to get an 80 year-old man stiff as a rock, the camera moves upstairs and we are in front of this oracle of anal sex.

The only off-kilter thing about this movie is here, where the camera man almost loses control of the fact that he needs to be behind the camera and not Madison. Also, he attempts to spray a pretty big batch of cream on her backside which doesn’t really do anything either. Half of it misses and shoots off camera, while the rest is all over her butt. Madison rubs it with her hands and thats it. Unfortunate, as whipping cream is always good to get the juices flowing even more. Perhaps we could’ve had Madison spray the sweet white stuff on her vagina and the ever feverish camera man could’ve licked it up thereby satisfying his urge and still filming!

But that was only a minor complaint, for soon after we or Madison gets into the meat of the situation as Mr Ordinary’s cock proceeds to be sucked and covered by this beautiful girls inward body crevasses.

Madison takes it up the ass, and only ass. There is a little 69 going on, but very minor and quickly done. I guess the best penetration for me is the last position before the shoot: Madison is on the floor, ass in the breeze, head anchored to the floor and her hands are stretching that ass as far as it’ll go. Mr. Ordinary pounding away… this scene my fellow porn phreeks is why we keep coming back to this site. The action… the realism… the lust…. is almost tangible enough to rub between your fingers. You wanna lovingly pull the strands of hair from Madison’s face and ask her if she likes it like this.

The money shot comes without any edit which is good. All too often we’ve been seeing steaming white sperm oozing into these beautiful European women’s mouths after a cute heaving fuck fest is cut in mid sentence. It’s deflating to say the least. But Madison delivers the goods… in spades.

Overall, excellent movie. The usage of space, Madison’s great nice bouncy body and outfit that really accentuates it, the fuck, and contined cumshot scene are all elements that contribute to the quality of this movie. Oh, and Madison is such an awesome porn name! Kudos to whoever thought of it to give this wonder of creation. 😛

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