Non Nude Pictures of Brandimae working out

Hello people! I’m following a request to protect my sponsor, because I really appreciate them and my relationship with them, to post only softcore pictures from She Mucle Gym from now on. Some “guy” contacted my sponsor saying “don’t post nude pics”. This “guy” contacting my sponsor has no fucking idea of the porn community and what you guys, the 5000 daily visitors and fans of muscle women, really want. (I can still post pics with nude women from the other sponsors tho).

Ok, here we go with the Softcore pictures of BrandiMae.

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Oh, I opened the comments for this post, feel free to comment away!

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3 Responses to Non Nude Pictures of Brandimae working out

  1. Taylor says:

    Tell this guy to go suck dick, please keep posting nude FBB’s!!!!!! The only reason I visit your blog everyday!!!!

  2. BigMike says:

    Who the fuck is this guy? I wanna see BrandiMae nude, love her muscle booty. I’m a member of shemusclegym – joined through your blog – but I also enjoy your site. Try to arrange a deal with this guy – because this is PORN, Not Disney Channel, LOL. Keep up the great stuff, buddy. Mike.

    • admin says:

      This guy is some kind of “employer of the photographer” that is requesting for removing of their pics. He’s some kind of nat-ci ignorant who doesn’t understand that we are getting these pictures from the sponsor galleries directly and have permission to use them.

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